Make This A Memorable Summer With These Creative Outdoor Projects

Make This A Memorable Summer With These Creative Outdoor Projects

Make This A Memorable Summer With These Creative Outdoor Projects

A memorable summer does not necessarily mean you have to go on an epic road trip, visit exotic beaches or travel to other countries. Actually, you can stay home and give your outdoor space some loving attention with these creative, inexpensive DIY projects that will stay with you for a long time and create lovely memories.

Decorate your shed

Your garden shed can actually be a beautiful part of your backyard. There are plenty of ways to decorate your shed, but one of our favorite ones is making it look like a small house. All you need to do is hang window boxes (you don’t even need real windows for that, you can actually paint some on) and fill them with plants or herbs. You can also paint it – one color for the door, another for walls – to make it look like a real home. Finally, you can also install a stone pathway to complete the look.

Give your patio a new life

In no time at all you can paint your patio to give it a new life. But, instead of painting the entire patio the same color, paint a few tiles here and there in some of your favorite colors to give it an interesting and vibrant look. You can also choose colors that match your home’s exterior.

Spread some light

Create glowing outdoor orbs using opaque orb-shaped glass shades you can find in every thrift store. Now, grab old Christmas lights or just regular string lights, put the glass shades anywhere you like around the garden and stuff them with string lights. Now, attach an extension cord and hide it between the plants or under the garden soil and voila! You have lovely glowing orbs spreading light around your backyard.   


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