Repurpose Your Unused Tools and Free Up Some Space in Your Toolbox

Repurpose Your Unused Tools and Free Up Some Space in Your Toolbox

Repurpose Your Unused Tools and Free Up Some Space in Your Toolbox

Is your toolbox over flowing with unused tools? Is your garden shed filled with garden tools you don’t really need? Well, since tools were made to be used maybe it’s time to repurpose them and give them a new life. Not sure how that can be done? Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices running.

A coat hanger with an industrial touch

The tool: a wrench.

The repurpose: a multipurpose hanger.

How to: just bend one side of the wrench to create a J shape and hang it on the wall to be used as a coat, hat or belt hanger with an industrial flair.

Somewhere to hang one’s jewelry, fashion accessories and more

The tool: a rake.

The repurpose: a set of hooks.

How to: this one is so simple. All you need to do is take off the head of the rake from its wooden rod and securely hang it on a wall. That’s it. Now you have a unique set of wall hooks you can use to hang your jewelry, scarves, belts or any other accessory.

Plus, this hanger rake can be used for other purposes – it is perfect as a wine glass holder or a tool organizer on your shed wall, or even a key hanger. It’s amazing how functional and versatile an old rake is!

Low tech for high tech

The tool: hammer and screwdriver.

The repurpose: iPad dock.

How to: grab two old hammers and place them face down, claw up. Next, drill a hole in the center of a wooden peg and insert the shank of a screwdriver, then use that peg to join the two hammers together. All that’s left to do is saw two notches, one in each hammer handle, where the iPad can rest while it leans on the screwdriver.

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