It’s Time To Make Clutter More Manageable With These 3 Simple Hacks

It’s Time To Make Clutter More Manageable With These 3 Simple Hacks

It’s Time To Make Clutter More Manageable With These 3 Simple Hacks

You don’t have to be a full-blown minimalist to declutter your life, you just need to follow these clever hacks and they will safely guide you to the decluttered shores of your dreams.

  1. Sort then store

Choose one area of your home, say the garage, take everything out and sort it into keep, throw and donate piles. Next, put everything in the donate plie into boxes and immediately take it to your nearest donation center. Now, everything in your keep pile needs to be properly stored. At this stage, if you run out of storage space you will have a clear idea which and how many cabinets and containers you need to buy. Your one rule is: no clutter on the floor – everything must be stored.  

  1.  Shopping boundaries and one simple rule

Shopping is the enemy of every decluttering effort. First and foremost, set some shopping boundaries and decide to only buy essentials. At least for a couple of months. This will also help lighten the load on your bank account. Once you got used to your new, lean shopping habits, start living by the One In One Out rule. Whenever you buy and receive something new, something else must go. You could choose to directly replace stuff, for example, a new shirt comes in, a rarely-worn shirt goes out; or decide to get rid of anything around the house that needs to be decluttered. This will allow you to keep your clutter in check and your home organized for the long run.  

  1. Use the 20-20 decluttering rule

This rule is perfect for all those items you keep “just in case”. Anything that can be replaced for under $20 in under 20 minutes can go, because whenever you truly need it you can easily get it.

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